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Mitigate Physician Burnout by Using AI-Powered Speech Recognition for Patient Documentation

If we were to take a survey of physicians, just about everyone would tell us that one of the biggest sources of frustration they encounter on a daily basis is the extreme amount of data they are required to enter in their practice’s EHR. While they know that capturing accurate data is crucial to excellent patient care, most physicians and clinicians often list excessive amounts of documentation as the reason their daily workday seems to be never-ending.

Mitigate Physician Burnout with cloud-based speech recognition Dragon Medical One.

Patient encounters, the timely delivery of satisfactory care, and an in-depth medical record, are some of the most important aspects of a physician’s day. But with the aging of the population comes the need for more frequent office visits, additional administrative processes, and extensive documentation requirements. Clinical research has shown that creating patient documentation inside their EHR, along with other administrative tasks, takes up a huge part of a physician’s workday, leaving less time for the care of their patients -- a major factor in the increase in the burnout rates of healthcare professionals here in the US.

Traditional documentation requires typing, which can be a long and arduous process. Since we can speak more rapidly than we can type, adding in a front-end speech recognition solution has been proven to increase productivity. When you utilize the advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies in a speech recognition solution like Nuance® Dragon® Medical One, this technology enables physicians to increase their patient-load, while at the same time ensuring a rich patient note has been documented inside the EHR. Speech recognition with AI can help capture more information with a high rate of accuracy, with advanced machine learning capabilities.

Dragon Medical One works seamlessly with today’s EHR systems so that providers simply speak directly into the EHR using our suggested handheld PowerMic III Microphone or their smartphone via the PowerMic Mobile App to complete their documentation. You can visualize the benefits of using a speech recognition to reduce documentation in your practice:

Easy to use - the solution is easy to deploy and use daily with a single-user voice profile that is compatible across multiple apps and Windows-based devices

Time and cost savings - with a minimal impact on your budget, and a time savings of up to 2 hours a day to enhance your practice’s productivity so that you can close and complete a patient note for timely billing and reimbursement

Mobility - with the use of the recommended mobile-app you can document in the office, in your car, at home, or wherever your day takes you

Physician burnout is a costly stress factor for many practices so it’s crucial to ensure your physician team is experiencing job satisfaction. Reach out to our team of Solution Specialists today to mitigate the instances of physician burnout by implementing Dragon Medical One into your practice’s workflow. | 866-977-3324 | 877-272-8280

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