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Mitigating Clinical Burnout with Smart Technology

Physicians spend more time completing administrative documentation today than ever before. Executing this type of work means less time with patients and even less personal/family time outside of the workplace.

Physicians spend years studying for their chosen specialty with the hope of getting to work directly with patients, but this isn’t necessarily happening for many of today’s healthcare professionals. EHRs are one way medical practices stay organized, adhere to federal guidelines, manage thousands of points of data, and stay HIPAA-compliant. But they also take up time that a busy physician would rather spend treating actual patients.

Dragon Medical One Speech Recognition Mitigates Clinician Burnout

The goal of an EHR is not to over-burden medical practices, but rather to help streamline data and utilize the most advanced technology to assist in the operation of your office. One of the tools many of today’s physicians use is a hands-free, speech recognition solution directed and managed by the use of your own natural voice. One that uses the SMART technology of artificial intelligence (AI), can be added in the right place in your clinical workflow to drastically reduce the amount of stressful (and time-consuming) typing - and save your staff up to 2 hours a day with their documentation.

AI, part of today’s SMART technology innovations, is having a positive impact on healthcare delivery and practice administration when used with your EHR. Many of those simple, and repetitive tasks such as patient check in, appointment scheduling, prescription refills, and even more templated usages can make face-to-face patient visits more efficient. Your physicians can save time every day on documentation, and truly concentrate on treating their patients.

SMART Technology used at the point of care, can be leveraged in your medical practice to help lessen the burden of extensive documentation in several ways including:

  • AUTOMATE processes (create shortcuts or templates) within your EHR

  • DATA pulled from previous office visits can assist in current treatment plans, by suggesting treatments tailored to each patient

  • CREATE a more detailed and accurate note within the EHR right at the point of care to allow the physician to spend more impactful time with each patient

  • FLEXIBILITY to document both in the office and on-the-go using SMART companion tools and devices

Documentation solutions that use AI technology, specifically speech recognition, can increase the speed, efficiency, and effectiveness of your chosen EHR system. When implemented into the right place within your clinical workflow, AI-powered Dragon Medical One can save your practice hundreds of hours in patient documentation - on average 40 hours per month, per physician.

Its next‑level architecture and capabilities support you and your physicians, from pre‑charting through post‑encounter documentation. Higher productivity, enhanced performance against benchmarks, and better clinical outputs are some of the results.

We know physician burnout is a serious issue facing today’s healthcare professionals, and health data is growing more complex and multi-dimensional every year. While no one solution is going to fit each situation, SMART technology is helping to lessen the burden of patient documentation. Reach out to our team of highly experienced speech recognition professionals today to see how we can help you become more efficient in your medical practice. | 866-977-3324 | 877-272-8280

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