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New Documentation Requirements Cause Additional Challenge for Healthcare Providers

Recent coding changes went into effect on January 1, 2021, affecting the Evaluation and Management (E/M) Coding that applies to patient visits and services such as: office visits, hospital visits, home services, and preventive medicine services. These changes are moving from a bulleted approach progress note (with ROS & Exam calculations) to a focus on Medical Decision Making (MDM) or Time as the primary determination for the coding level.

Dragon Medical One Speech Recognition Helps Healthcare Providers with the Challenge of New Documentation Requirements

With these changes, healthcare providers are finding they need to expand documentation to support the level of Medical Decision Making. This is a time consuming shift from the bulleted templates used in your current EHR, with the increased need to now expand and document specific details. With the ever growing demand for increased documentation, finding ways to save time becomes a key driver in your practice’s productivity. This is why adding a speech recognition solution into the right place in your practice’s workflow is an effective decision that will optimize office efficiency and save time.

Our recommended solution, cloud-based Nuance® Dragon® Medical One (DMO), gives healthcare providers an efficient and time saving way to include a complete and detailed narrative (while supporting MDM) that allows for quick macros, and fast dictation to seamlessly insert into the Progress Note. DMO is an EHR non-discriminant solution that was named 2021 Best in KLAS. It was designed for speed, accuracy, and enhanced mobility, allowing for timely completion of patient narratives in your EHR.

The solution works efficiently by reducing clicks and improving workflow efficiency - allowing you as the physician to focus on the patient and not on the computer. Clinicians that use Dragon Medical One can produce documentation up to 45% faster and capture up to 20% more relevant content, all by using the power of their own voice.

The definitions of what determines a new patient vs an established patient for E/M coding are complex because there are so many elements involved. Our team of Solution Specialists are here to help you navigate the new changes by introducing you to our recommended line of productivity solutions. Reach out today to learn more. | 866-977-3324 | 877-272-8280

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