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New Year, New Start, and a New Focus on Productivity in 2022

As we focus on kicking off the NEW year with a fresh start, we always tend to look back on what we tried to accomplish in the previous year. For many of our clients, moving into 2021 was filled with a good deal of stress and anxiety as they started the year coming out of the Covid-19 environment that changed their structure in various ways. A large number of physicians and practice managers conveyed to us that they were trying to catch up with the backlog of patient visits and documentation even into the summer months. We want to work with you and your team to ensure you are keeping on track with your productivity goals in 2022 by providing you with the MOST advanced speech recognition solution on the market today, Nuance® Dragon® Medical One.

Cloud based speech recognition Dragon Medical One boosts office efficiency to meet your goals in the new year

With all you have to accomplish on a daily basis, finding a way to save up to 2 hours a day documenting your patient visits within your chosen EHR, can help you be even more efficient. It’s all about the features that are built within the #1 AI-Powered and Cloud‑Based Provider (awarded in 2020 by Black Book) that makes the solution practical for implementing into your workflow in 2022. Check out some of the benefits you will gain by using speech recognition in your practice:

Capture 20% MORE relevant data when using Dragon Medical One speech recognition with your EHR

Experience a consistent and personalized clinical documentation experience across your apps, solutions, platforms, and Windows-based devices

Track office productivity and efficiency using the built-in analytics portal

Documentation data is available immediately when a clinician creates documentation, so transcription costs are reduced or completely eliminated

Cloud-based solutions require a lower capital expenditure so you are saving your practice time and money on IT resources

Budget-friendly monthly subscription model with AUTOMATIC updates to keep your staff using the most up-to-date version

Extended mobility that allows you to document from any location with the mobile app

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Feel free to reach out to our Solutions Team and be sure to ask about our FREE TRIAL of the 2021 Best in Klas Dragon Medical One Solution! | 866-977-3324 | 877-272-8280

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