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Nuance® Dragon® Medical One Paired with CareCloud's EHR Improves Patient Documentation Productivity

Clinical workflows differ by platform, so when you finally decide on an EHR that fits the way your independent medical practice operates, you have made a critical first step towards better practice productivity. CareCloud’s cloud-based EHR offers a solution that was built specifically for smaller medical practices to operate their business more efficiently, without losing the most important focus; Critical Patient Care.

CareCloud’s integrated approach helps your practice embrace the technologies that reduce the challenges of managing your business. Utilizing our cloud-based medical speech recognition solution, Dragon Medical One (part of CareCloud’s Partner Ecosystem), we can provide an additional layer of productivity that fits within your clinical workflow and complements your CareCloud EHR.

CareCloud EHR and Dragon Medical One Clinical Speech Recognition Improve Practice Productivity

Dragon Medical One assists in bridging the performance gap between your patient documentation and your platform, enhancing it for a more accurate, narrative rich note.

Set-up with Dragon Medical One is simple, and with a single user profile, you can be ready to document in minutes. Access other regularly used apps, platforms, and programs easily from your Windows® device or from your smartphone using our PowerMic Mobile App.

Check out these additional features of the AI-powered speech recognition solution that can help increase the efficiency of your small independent medical practice:

Portability - by providing a secure, and accurate cloud‑based clinical speech recognition platform across a wide range of Windows® devices

Mobility - paired with PowerMic Mobile, your clinicians have even more freedom to dictate from virtually anywhere

Productivity - comes standard with built in tools and access to speech‑enabled workflows in supported mobile productivity apps, at no additional cost

Additional features make it the right choice for small medical practices, and with our Super-User customizations, you can yield even more benefits when using the solution.

Visit our CareCloud Partner page to see more ways your practice can benefit from the complementary combinations of CareCloud EHR and Dragon Medical One.

Don’t forget to ask about our FREE Trial of Dragon Medical One! | 866-977-3324 | 877-272-8280


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