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Nuance® Dragon® Medical One Helps Vascular Physicians Improve the Quality of Patient Documentation

We understand the needs of the vascular physician, the amount of time you work on a weekly basis, the rise in the number of patients you see, and the ever-increasing detailed documentation you post daily. So where quality care is critical, quality documentation is essential. A speech recognition solution becomes a valuable productivity tool that helps you improve your patient documentation and save time, all while using the power of your own voice.

EHRs have become part of the daily life of a physician over the last decade, with hundreds of patient records updated on a weekly basis. Implementing the right speech recognition solution, with the right mix of today’s best technology and latest innovation, into the right place in your practice’s clinical workflow, enhances your EHR experience and boosts productivity. Our recommended solution is cloud-based, AI-powered, Dragon Medical One. This industry leading solution is hosted on HITRUST CSF-certified and HIPAA-compliant Microsoft AZURE infrastructure for safety and performance.

Using their natural voice and their own words, physicians, vascular surgeons, and cardiology specialties create speech-to-text documentation that fully captures their assessment, diagnosis, and treatment plans of each patient, as well as the preoperative, operative, and post-operative care provided. After initial installation and setup of a single user profile, clinicians can access that profile across many clinical workflow apps and Windows-based devices. When extra flexibility is required, the PowerMic Mobile app allows you to use your smartphone as a microphone to document right into your cloud-based EHR, or other platforms. This option is particularly beneficial as you move from room to room, workstation to workstation in your office, hospital, or even at home.

Some of the significant benefits of using Dragon Medical speech recognition in combination with your practice’s chosen EHR include:

● 45% less time spent on documentation

● 20% more relevant clinical content captured

● 3X faster than typing on a computer

● 2 hours per day saved on documentation

View our ”Provide Better Vascular Care” video to learn more about the latest in speech recognition and view the solution being demonstrated within an EHR. With the innovative technology and capabilities built into Dragon Medical One, you and your vascular medical practice can begin benefitting from its productivity boosting features from day one.

For more information, reach out to our Solution Specialists and ask about our FREE TRIAL of Dragon Medical One. | 866-977-3324 | 877-272-8280

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