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Nuance Dragon Medical One Special Promotion for Productivity Ends This Week!

Effectively using your voice to convey messages, issue orders, create complex treatment plans, document patient visits, and communicate throughout the day with your staff and patients is critical as a healthcare professional. You keep patients, their families, and caregivers connected to ensure a positive long term outcome. That's why you need the most advanced and intuitive speech recognition solution available, which also happens to be the most widely used and highly recommended by physicians, Nuance® Dragon® Medical One (DMO). As communication is critical, using the 2022 BEST in KLAS cloud-based, HIPAA-compliant, AI (artificial intelligence) solution built for medical documentation that combines easy usability with high functionality for a seamless documenting experience - all by using your own natural voice.

Specialty medical practices like ENTs find the solution particularly innovative as it understands the unique terms relating to diagnosis and treatment of ears, nose, and throat conditions. Practicing physicians in this complex vertical, require a more comprehensive, rich, and accurate (99%) patient note. By speaking (with little to no backend transcription required), physicians can document right in the treatment room using your natural voice to create a rich narrative, while engaging directly with your patients.

Decades of research and practice show that using speech recognition saves up to 2 hours a day with your administrative tasks, and eliminates the need of endless typing of your treatment plans and visit notes which in turn:

● Increases your efficiency by adding more detail in your notes in less time

● Decreases the time between submitting and receiving insurance reimbursement

● Reduces or eliminates your need to rely on out-sourced transcription services

Our biggest special of the year on our most recommended product, Dragon Medical One, is coming to a swift close on September 30th so CONTACT our solution specialists to take advantage of this offer today!

Want to learn more about creating a better environment for engaging with your patients? Then reach out to one of our solution specialists to learn more about conversational AI and Dragon Medical One. | 866-977-3324 | 877-272-8280

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