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Offering AI-Powered Technology to Support Mental Healthcare Professionals

May is national Mental Health Awareness month, but today’s mental health professionals are focused and aware of the needs of their patients every day. Coming together as a nation to put some much needed focus on the mental health issues, we learn more about what others face, and understand a little bit more about the stigma around mental illness and mental health conditions. Knowing mental health issues span a broad range of conditions and affect all age groups, we are here to support our clients who provide necessary treatments to so many. Our goal as a technology partner is to provide the right productivity tools and solutions you need to continue to provide a high-level of quality patient care.

Our most innovative product Nuance® Dragon® Medical One (DMO) is recommended by over 98% of physicians for its ability to capture more relevant content, and save behavioral health clinicians up to 2 hours a day on necessary patient documentation. Implementing a smart cloud-based documentation solution like Dragon Medical One into your current clinical workflow will allow you and your behavioral health specialists to maximize your efficiency by creating standardized “shortcuts” within your EHR to enable you to document right at the point of care, without missing any relevant information within the treatment environment.

Further benefits of using our recommended AI-powered machine-learning solution in your mental health practice may include:

  • Creation of Relevant and Rich Patient Notes - that provide a useful trail showing exactly where your patients begin their treatment, insights into their specific symptoms, and where they are within their treatment journey

  • Help Structure Your Patient’s Health Data - to help you and your clinicians make better and faster decisions in your treatment plans to provide early intervention

  • Provides an Effective Pathway for Clinicians - to make the most efficient use of the time they have with patients

  • Creates Required HIPAA-Compliant Safe and Secure Documentation - to handle and store your patient’s sensitive information

  • Faster and Complete Records for Insurance Submission - and timely insurance reimbursements

As a mental health services provider, using Dragon Medical One speech recognition solution will help you create notes that are vital in your cross-communication with other health colleagues. Your patient data is safely stored and sent over secure 256-bit encryption channels to ensure a safe continuity of care to meet legal, social care, child protection, and other insurance and government requirements.

You provide your patients with quality mental health services, why not let our team help you with quality technology solutions to support your practice. Contact us to schedule a FREE 7-day Trial of the #1 Best in KLAS Dragon Medical One for 2021, 2022, and again in 2023! | 866-977-3324 | 877-272-8280

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