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OP Engage Conference Goes Virtual and 1st-Dragon/CME is Part of the Exhibitor Showcase

Virtual conferences seem to be the new normal as we venture in 2021, and our team here at 1st-Dragon/CME was excited to “engage” with Office Practicum (OP) EHR users via their virtual exhibitor showcase during the conference that took place on March 26-27, 2021. As the conference focused highly on addressing both the physical and behavioral health needs of the “whole pediatric patient”, we were able to highlight many of the benefits of implementing an AI-powered speech recognition solution when meeting with attendees.

Taking a fresh approach, developing a practice strategy, and using new technology will help your pediatric medical practice get and stay productive in 2021 and beyond. Nuance® Dragon® Medical One keeps busy pediatric offices ahead of the technology curve by providing OP users with an innovative, AI-powered, cloud-based speech recognition solution. With a platform that is easy to use, the award-winning speech recognition software reduces the exorbitant amount of time spent typing patient documentation. The solutions team at 1st-Dragon/CME knows that the needs of the pediatric patient and the companion patient note, are quite unique, and must fit within your pediatric practice’s clinical workflow to provide the necessary structure, and data to treat effectively.

By using the most advanced speech recognition technology, physicians and clinicians can leverage the AI capabilities, and machine-learning optimization of Dragon Medical One, to create a richer and more accurate patient note using their own voice. A single user profile is created after initial installation, and accessible across your pediatric clinical workflows, care settings, devices, and apps for a seamless, consistent, and personalized voice experience.

Check out just a few of the features, and benefits of using speech recognition vs typing your patient notes:

Accelerates specialty pediatric workflows - by using your voice vs typing you will have more complete patient documentation faster, on average saving 2 hours a day

High mobility for on-the-go documenting - via the PowerMic Mobile app which allows you to document using your voice and Smartphone for a secure and “wireless” microphone experience

Advanced conversational AI - is built into the solution to provide a higher level of clinician productivity and documentation accuracy

Custom commands and shortcuts - can be created to save time and efficiency by pulling needed data from your EHR into your note, when documenting patient visits, prescriptions, and treatment plans

With all of the features built into the solution, it is easy to see how OP users can benefit from implementing this solution to care for the “whole pediatric patient”.

Reach out to our Solutions team today, to learn how this Best in KLAS solution can help you reach your productivity, and efficiency goals in 2021 and beyond. | 866-977-3324 | 877-272-8280

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