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Orthopaedic Practices Choose Medical Speech Recognition to Increase Overall Office Productivity

Updated: Oct 18, 2021

Orthopaedic physicians have extensive sub-specialties, making this medical vertical one of the most visited physician groups in the US. As a highly specialized field, affecting the movements of individuals, your orthopaedic physicians and surgeons need the most advanced technology available for their ever-increasing documentation requirements. This technology needs to both understand the language and terminology of the field, while making the process of documenting into your chosen EHR as easy and efficient as possible.

Utilizing speech recognition is a viable and time-saving solution that will show immediate results, while yielding long-term revenue benefits for your practice. Our recommended solution, Nuance® Dragon® Medical One, is HITRUST CSF‑certified, and the latest in cloud-based, AI-powered technology that is used by thousands of practices, and independent medical providers across the country. The accuracy and benefits in using this technology will help mitigate the time issues completing documentation that busy physicians are facing.

With healthcare providers loaded with the task of recording medical findings, treatment plans, reports, prescriptions, and patient history into their EHR, it takes a significant amount of time out of each day when typing is the traditional mechanism for recording information. Additional documentation requirements change every year, requiring precious time out of your day, time that could otherwise be spent on treating your patients.

By using the power of your own voice instead of typing, the time savings benefits are immediate, reducing the amount of time documenting by up to 2 hours a day in most practices. With the efficiencies provided when implementing medical speech recognition into your workflow, clinicians can give more time to the patients and treat additional patients without having to worry about typing during the visit.

A few of the efficiencies of using medical speech recognition are:

Accurate notes - are entered into your EHR by using your own voice, as Dragon Medical One continues to learn your voice, and return a patient note with 99% accuracy - the best in the industry

Budget-friendly - and affordable with a monthly subscription model that ensures your monthly budget is used efficiently

HIPAA compliant - to ensure your treatment plans, prescriptions, SOAP notes, x-rays and other documentation stays safe and secure using 256 bit encryption with Microsoft® AZURE servers

Automate high‑value clinical tasks - to improve the exam room experience, and automate the high‑value clinical tasks with intelligent retrieval of information from the patient's medical record

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