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Prepare for Timely Insurance Reimbursements in 2020 with Medical Speech Recognition

As we head into a new decade, retooling our focus for better medical office productivity, seems to be a good place to start. One of the most common questions we hear from Practice Managers across the country is “how can we get better physician documentation for timely insurance reimbursements”? The good news is we do have an answer, and it’s actually a time-saving, and budget-friendly solution, which makes our clients very happy.

With the amount of time your physicians spend on documentation (an average of 6 hours a day spent typing in an EHR) it is easy to see how critical saving time is to the overall productivity of a small to mid-sized medical practice. Implementing a documentation solution that uses your voice, rather than typing, will save on average, 2 hours for every hour documented. That time savings really adds up considering how many hours each physician documents every day.

Finding a solution that helps your physicians and clinicians not only document patient encounters within your EHR, but complete their documentation really kicks up the productivity quotient. The flexibility of a cloud-based solution, like Nuance Dragon Medical One, which can be accessed from a wide-range of Windows-based devices, allows a physician to start documentation with the patient, then complete it later at a desktop or laptop, via a mobile or hand-held microphone.

In addition to saving time, our primary go-to cloud-based solution, Dragon Medical One, provides an affordable subscription‑based pricing model, with little upfront capital investment. This makes it easier for healthcare organizations to plan budgets with predictable expenses. Dragon Medical One requires no complex configurations; so clinicians can begin dictating in less than five minutes using your existing infrastructure. With the cloud-based automatic updates, you can save IT resources, meaning less work for your staff, and much more productivity overall.

Reach out to our Solutions Team today to learn about our solutions to save you even more valuable financial resources in the new year. or by phone at 866.977.3324 or 877.272.8280.


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