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Telespeech Solutions Continue to Find a Valuable Place in the Independent Medical Practice Workflow

Join Us for Our Telespeech Webinar on Wednesday, July 29th at 3:00 pm EDT for the Latest on Our HIPAA Compliant Solution for Virtual Patient Visits

As we are seeing a rise in Covid-19 cases across the country, finding and implementing a telespeech solution into your practice’s workflow makes sense now more than ever. As a medical practice continuing to navigate the process of safely reopening your office for on-premise patient visits, it is necessary to also address the many patients who cannot travel to your office. For those at-risk patients or those in quarantine, you need to find the most productive and safe way to continue to treat and monitor your patient’s health issues even in the midst of the surge of new cases of the current virus. For that reason, we are holding a webinar completely focused on the hybrid model of telespeech used within your own chosen EHR.

Our hybrid solution combines the best of both types of platforms, telehealth and medical speech recognition. This solution, as you will discover on the webinar, is used within your own practice’s EHR to make the most efficient use of your clinical workflows. Our solution provides a real-time, mobile messaging and video consult application based in a fully HIPAA-compliant digital environment, using Nuance® Dragon® Medical One as the speech recognition component. The combination of the two platforms makes for one powerful and customizable solution for your physicians and clinicians to use and saves you hours a day in critical patient documentation. Join us for our webinar to learn more about implementing and using our telespeech solution in your practice’s clinical workflow today.

When you register for our webinar, you will be automatically entered into our drawing to win a $100 VISA gift card - so don’t delay, REGISTER today! | 877-272-8280 | 866-977-3324


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