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Today's Most Advanced Speech Recognition Creates High Value by Reducing Costs for Medical Practices

By now, most physician practices are using an EHR to document patient visits and treatment plans on a regular basis. While the increased productivity is something an EHR provides, there are other efficiencies busy medical practices can implement that will increase overall practice productivity and reduce costs. One of those ways is by adding a speech recognition solution into the right place in your practice’s workflow to help you reduce the time spent previously typing the ever-growing documentation requirements.

By speaking treatment plans, prescription orders, SOAP notes, or office visits with your own natural voice right into your chosen EHR, you can save up to 2 hours a day. Those extra hours provide a high-dollar value that can be utilized in a variety of ways, ultimately reducing costs in other areas of your practice.

Cloud-based Nuance® Dragon® Medical One is the 2021 Best in KLAS Software & Services award winner helping clinicians deliver and document better patient care.

Dragon Medical One has been specifically designed to accurately translate your own voice into a rich, detailed narrative that moves directly and seamlessly into all major EHR platforms. Utilizing this type of cloud-based platform provides a high level of freedom and flexibility to complete patient notes and other documentation at your convenience. By creating a single voice profile, you can access that profile from virtually anywhere to document in the office, at the hospital, in your car, or even at your own home. This can dramatically reduce the amount of time spent documenting in your office, leaving you and your clinicians more time to devote to other revenue driving activities.

On top of the additional hours saved every day on documentation, your practice will benefit from a more accurate and detailed patient note that needs no additional transcription. All of which will provide a faster insurance submission and efficient reimbursement process, keeping up with a consistent flow of revenue.

Let our team of Solutions Specialists further expand on these types of cost-reducing benefits by providing you more information or inviting you to trial this game-changing, and efficient productivity tool at your convenience at no cost or obligation. | 866-977-3324 | 877-272-8280

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