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WEBINAR: Learn How to Avoid Potential Downtime by Migrating to Cloud-based Speech Recognition

Updated: May 1, 2023

With the discontinuation of the legacy box product Dragon Medical Practice Edition (DMPE), Nuance Communications, the developer, will no longer work to prevent or resolve any security issues that may arise for DMPE. More importantly, DMPE product support ends March 31, 2022 and Nuance will not be held responsible for any security incidents, breaches, or other security failures for customers who continue to use DMPE without support.

The legacy product was part of the ongoing innovation that has been used by hundreds of thousands of physicians and clinicians, but newer, more advanced technology is now available to help manage your patient documentation in a more efficient way. Advances in artificial intelligence and machine learning technology, along with the cloud-based storage and HITRUST CSF-certified delivery platform, are some of the benefits built into the latest solution, Dragon Medical One (DMO).

Invest some of your time to learn about the advantages of migrating to Dragon Medical One by registering for our next upcoming webinar on December 15 at 3:00 PM ET.

Avoid possible downtime in your practice by migrating to Dragon Medical One before it's too late

With the newer technology, you avoid costly downtime as the cloud-based solution is available in real-time. You and your team can save time and make changes to a patient record right at the point-of-care in a treatment room, at your desk, or via your mobile device using the DMO PowerMic Mobile app.

Our team here at 1st-Dragon/CME is focused on making sure you have access to the most advanced productivity tools for completing and submitting your patient documentation. We recommend DMO to all our clients, and with the features and benefits of the cloud-based solution, you too can avoid any possible downtime when documenting.

The additional features built into DMO can enhance your productivity and work seamlessly with your current EHR:

Easy Voice Profile Setup - gets you up and running quickly, and documenting patient records directly in your chosen EHR

Built-in Productivity Tools - with speech‑enabled workflows in supported mobile productivity apps, are included at no additional cost to help you work more efficiently

Secure, Accurate, and Portable Clinical Documentation - via the speech recognition solution, and across a wide range of Windows® devices

Hands-free Documenting - with the convenience of a wake-up word, and a solution that is always listening, eliminates the need for manual controls or clicks

These are just a few examples of the freedom and convenience you will experience when migrating from a computer-based software product to the most comprehensive speech solution on the market. Contact us and ask about scheduling a FREE trial to conduct your own proof of concept. | 866-977-3324 | 877-272-8280

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