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Accurate Charting Equals Faster Insurance Reimbursements When Using Speech Recognition

Speech recognition has earned its rightful place at the forefront of healthcare technology with its ability to transform the physician’s medical documentation journey using the power of your own voice. It has proven its value in the accuracy and efficiency arenas, and unlike other traditional point and type methods, it actually saves a physician time and reduces errors, as it swiftly converts your spoken words into meaningful and rich text. Understanding how to leverage today’s medical speech recognition solutions can help you achieve a more accurate charting flow, which will lead to a faster insurance reimbursement.


Medical speech recognition that is powered by AI technology, allows healthcare professionals to capture relevant patient information, generate necessary notes, write prescriptions, and update electronic records by using your own voice. It saves time, improves accuracy, (up to 99% accurate from the first use), integrates with EHRs, and enhances your current clinical workflow efficiency through voice navigation and data entry, vs endless typing.

Doctor using Dragon Medical one speech recognition

Our recommended solution is #1 Best in KLAS Front End Speech Recognition Nuance® Dragon® Medical One (DMO), used by thousands of physicians and is designed for speed, accuracy and mobility. When you add DMO into the right place in your clinical workflow, the agility of the front-end speech solution will help you create your patient documentation faster, providing you with a more accurate chart. Accuracy of your entered patient narrative is critical for a timely insurance reimbursement. 


Other Key Efficiencies Of Using Dragon Medical One

  • HIPAA Compliant - designed for medical documentation ensures compliance with HIPAA regulations, which prioritizes data privacy and security when dictating patient information

  • Innovative Features - like voice commands, and frequently used phrases and templates, enhancing efficiency in your documentation process

  • Accurate Coding - by accurately capturing and transcribing medical codes, reducing coding errors and ensuring that patient records are coded with precision and accuracy

  • Mobility - when paired with smart devices using our Mobile app for a higher level of interaction with EHR systems on the go

By pairing Dragon Medical One with your chosen EHR, you will be minimizing manual data entry and transcription mistakes, as the solution is 99% accurate from the first use and continues to improve with each session. Increased accuracy in medical documentation improves overall communication among your team, and supports informed decision-making for a better quality of care and outcome.


Contact our team of solution specialists to schedule a FREE Trial of Dragon Medical One, named #1 Best in KLAS speech recognition for three consecutive years (2021-2023). | 866-977-3324 | 877-272-8280


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