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Common Applications and Benefits of Utilizing Artificial Intelligence in Orthopedic Workflows

Healthcare professionals have witnessed immense advancements in Artificial Intelligence (AI) over the last decade. Where AI was once the untried technology with a futuristic element of uncertainty, it is now considered a valuable and viable addition to the rising complexities of today’s healthcare data requirements.

With the intricate and specific terminology and treatment plans of the orthopedic practice, brevity and conciseness is highly valued when documenting at the point of care. This is where AI can benefit the busy physician particularly when using a solution that works with your current workflow. An AI-powered solution uses specific algorithms that can help with early diagnosis of common orthopedic disorders like osteoarthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, bursitis, and epicondylitis.

Some of the common applications and benefits of using an AI-powered solution in your diagnostic workflows include:

  • Diagnosis and Treatment Recommendations

  • Better Patient Engagement

  • HIPAA Adherence

  • Templated Administrative Activities

Clinical decision-making is improved when an AI-powered solution is implemented in orthopedic practices across the country. Research shows leveraging the capabilities of AI within your current clinical workflows, can greatly reduce the amount of time you and your staff spend on documentation. AI could reduce the time burden of relatively routine admin tasks using your current pre-planning workflows involving patient-specific data. The reduction of time previously allocated to documentation is now freed-up, allowing doctors and surgeons to focus on more complex tasks and activities like diagnostic decision-making and integrated patient care.

Your patients will appreciate the improvements in your workflows as well, as the amount of paperwork they need to complete can be reduced by leveraging that AI solution with your EHR before your patient walks in your office. Using AI with the right EHR implementations can benefit your patients with time-savings as well as by:

  • Populating additional diagnostic questions - based on patient answers leading to a faster patient check-in and in-office visit

  • Check-in using their mobile device - freeing up your office staff and reducing paperwork

  • Request a prescription refill - without the need for an office visit based on a set criteria

As an added benefit, an optimized workflow will eventually reduce physician overheads and increase patient satisfaction, thereby yielding higher office productivity, and improving overall profitability and faster insurance reimbursements.

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