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Document Cardiology Telehealth Visits Using Dragon® Medical One to Keep Your Practice Productive

With the current health climate changing in response to COVID-19, more specialty physician practices are using a telehealth solution to conduct virtual visits with their patients. As telehealth technology continues its foray into a wider range of medical specialties, practices will need to adjust to this new potential norm. While we continue to reopen state by state, practices will start to see patients in-office, making necessary adjustments to their practices to comply with CDC guidelines.

As the expansive coverage for Medicaid and Medicare patients found within Waiver 1135 is in effect, practices may continue to cover in-house as well as virtual visits. These additional visits can put a dent in the productivity of many practices, as offices may not be at full staff capacity.

While a telehealth visit does not have the capabilities that an in-office exam provides, practices can work with the patient to provide blood pressure and heart rate using tools in-home. Basic tests, like blood work, can be ordered post-visit, using the documentation platform within your EHR. Follow-up care may include other treatments that may require patients to be seen in-office, and additional documentation will be required. The use of a speech recognition solution will prove valuable as the physician gets busier.

Finding and implementing a front-end speech recognition documentation solution that works within your chosen EHR can help offices stay productive. Our recommended speech recognition solution, Dragon Medical One, ticks off many of the wants and needs a busy cardiologist practice requires. Some of the benefits for cardiologists using Dragon Medical One are:

Fast and Easy to Set Up - no complicated infrastructure needed. Simply set up a single user profile after installation and begin documenting in less than 5 minutes

Budget-friendly Monthly Subscription - especially important now that offices are seeing lower revenue

Safe and Secure - it is a HIPAA compliant, cloud‑based HITRUST CSF‑certified solution

Built-in Medical Terminology - including thousands of cardiology specific terminology with the ability to add custom words and templates

Let our team expand upon our solutions that can be customized for your cardiology practice. You can view our video resources on the AMA® Virtual Sessions website and learn more about how 1st-Dragon/CME can help your practice get and stay productive during any health environment.

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