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Dragon Medical Legacy Users Are Successfully Migrating to the Cloud

We announced earlier this year that Nuance® Communications had decided to sunset their award-winning legacy product, Dragon® Medical Practice Edition. As of March 31, 2021, this product is no longer for sale, with no updates, or security fixes past the latest 4.3.1 version. While the software will no longer be available for purchase, current Dragon Medical legacy users will continue to have access to support services until March 31, 2022. For more information, read the Dragon Medical Practice Edition End-of-Life FAQs.

Dragon Medical Practice Edition users successfully migrate to cloud-based Dragon Medical One

Our team here at 1st-Dragon/CME has been working with all of our legacy user clients to offer the next-generation, cloud-based speech recognition solution, Dragon Medical One (DMO). As we continue to work with our clients to find the right documentation solution to fit their specific practice workflows, practices that have chosen DMO are finding higher productivity, as we implement the solution into the right place in their workflow. It also works efficiently within their chosen EHR platform, making the transition seamless and successful.

We have participated in several virtual trade shows this year and listened to the concerns and specific issues each physician-led independent practice is having when treating patients in a post-pandemic healthcare environment. The benefits of migrating to the cloud version of Dragon Medical have outweighed their initial concerns of moving their practice away from traditional boxed software after using it for well over a decade. Even with increasing amounts of patient documentation every week, these benefits (a few are highlighted below) have proven valuable by saving time and making their practice more efficient than before.

Lower Investment & Monthly Subscription Pricing - cloud-based is less expensive than traditional speech recognition software that has high upfront software expenses and additional IT resources that can add up to thousands of dollars a year

Automatic Updates - keeps clinicians documenting without waiting for cumbersome IT updates and lost time waiting for those updates to be completed

Extreme Mobility - with the capabilities of an innovative cloud-based speech solution, the solution only requires a compatible device (think smartphone, laptop, desktop, or tablet) and an internet connection for completing documentation at virtually any location

Better Team Collaboration - clinicians, physicians, and other care team members can access the application with a single user profile, from multiple locations improving team productivity and better patient care

Seamless EHR Workflow - to ensure all HIPAA guidelines are followed with 256-bit encryption channels when creating patient documentation inside your chosen EHR

We understand that most medical practices are seeing more patients than ever before, putting a heavy burden on your physician and clinician resources. You rely heavily on data-driven decisions, so the better the data, the better the outcome. With the innovative AI-powered technology built into the cloud-based Dragon Medical One solution, you can be assured that the data you put into your EHR will provide better overall patient care.

Consider reaching out to our Solutions Team today to see how easy it is to transition your medical practice from Dragon Medical Practice Edition to the most innovative cloud-based solution, Dragon Medical One. Be sure to ask about our FREE TRIAL of the 2021 Awarding Winning Best in KLAS solution. | 866-977-3324 | 877-272-8280


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