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Dragon® Medical One Benefits Today’s Physicians with Advanced AI Technology

With the end of March right around the corner, comes the termination of ALL support for the legacy boxed version of Dragon Medical Practice Edition (DMPE). There will be NO updates or security fixes past the latest 4.3.1 version and software support, meaning all DMPE users will need to know why moving forward with a more advanced and updated speech recognition solution is the SMART choice for their busy medical practice.

Dragon Medical One is a more robust and innovative Microsoft Azure secure cloud-based solution compared to the discontinued Dragon Medical Practice Edition

Where DMPE provided an early locally installed software application, DMO provides a more robust and innovative Microsoft Azure secure cloud-based solution. Where the boxed software provided a limited amount of activations on computers (usually 2-4), DMO has unlimited device installations allowing you and your clinicians to install your profile on any Windows-based device.

Since security patches and updates for DMPE are NO longer available after March 31, migrating your practice over to Dragon Medical One just makes sense for you, your staff, and your patients. The enhancements to the cloud-based solution are far superior to the legacy box product in a variety of ways. Dragon Medical One:

IS Portable – and is designed for speed, accuracy, and flexibility with voice profiles that can be accessed and shared across the widest range of devices in the industry

HAS Greater Mobility – Clinicians can complete their patient notes as they meet with each patient within your chosen EHR, or any Windows-based device using the flexibility of a mobile app

OFFERS Limitless Productivity – that give the user the ability to speak freely and as much as they like with NO per-device limits keeping clinicians highly productive

IS HIGHLY Scalable – Dragon Medical One is scalable so it can grow with your organization and offers web-based central management

OFFERS Budget-Friendly Pricing – as DMO has a cloud-based and affordable subscription-based model so there’s little up-front capital investment

IS iOS and Smartphone Compatible – with the Smartphone Compatible App available via the App Store and Google Play store and iOS and Android compatible simplifying the documentation process

With the DMPE support end date approaching quickly, the time to trial and purchase the most advanced speech recognition solution is NOW.

★ GET 20% off DMO plus a FREE PowerMic 4 when you upgrade to Dragon Medical One ★
★ GET 20% off DMO plus a FREE PowerMic 4 when you upgrade to Dragon Medical One ★

In addition to our limited-time SPECIAL OFFER of 20% off DMO plus a FREE PowerMic 4, we are providing TWO options to trial the latest AI-powered speech solution to make it even easier for practices to move to the cloud.

Fast Track 7-day DMO Trial

Recommended for tech savvy users wishing to expedite

the trial process. Support info will be provided in a welcome kit.

Tailored 7-day DMO Trial

This option includes an abbreviated trial training session and is

recommended for clinicians wanting a more hands-on trial approach.

No matter which trial option you choose, take advantage of the limited-time 20% DMO discount and FREE PowerMic 4 offer before it ends (DMO orders must be completed by March 31). One of our highly-trained team of Solutions Specialists will be available to you from-the-beginning.

Contact us to get started and take advantage of our special offer! | 866-977-3324 | 877-272-8280

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