Dragon® Medical One Users Are Transforming Their Practices by Embracing Cloud Technology

Your medical practice, and healthcare in general, has changed in the last few decades. While you have been taking advantage of the many advances in the treatment of patients and discoveries of new medications/therapies, technology has been keeping pace with these advancements. The technology of yesterday has been improved upon, advanced, and evolved. In a similar vein, the business you operate today is not the same as it was when you started it. The medical landscape, in addition to you and your clinicians, has changed. You have replaced older methodologies, embraced new treatments, and utilized advanced micro-tools and medical procedures to better treat your patients.

Many practices have implemented an EHR to better manage their patients and practice, and most use cloud-based technology. We use cloud technology daily in our personal lives, such as when you use social media or pay your credit card online. These activities take advantage of cloud technology, it is the future.

Doesn’t it make sense to adopt newer technology and replace outdated, underperforming software to help you manage your practice more efficiently? Many physicians seem to think so, as they are migrating to the cloud at an extremely fast pace and embracing the newest in medical speech recognition via cloud-computing, Nuance Dragon Medical One.

Cloud-Based Dragon Medical One speech recognition, a simple migration from the now retired Dragon Medical Practice Edition

The recent pandemic showed us the power of cloud technology, as many physicians utilized a telehealth solution to treat their patients, while not in the traditional office. If not for the advancements in technology, many patients would not have been able to be treated, as older software programs would not have been able to handle the integration. By migrating from the legacy box version of Dragon Medical to the AI-powered, cloud-based Dragon Medical One to document your patient encounters, you will help transition your practice into the next era of healthcare.

By embracing cloud technology, Dragon Medical One users also enjoy many other enhancements in their practice:

Enhanced use of time - with a time savings of up to 2 hours a day when using th