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Expanding the Usage of Nuance® Dragon® Medical One Beyond the EHR

Dragon Medical One (DMO) was built for medical professionals, and the cloud-based, AI-powered technologies built within the solution, can help create a more complete and comprehensive patient note when working within your chosen EHR. But you may not know all the other ways you can use front-end speech recognition outside of documenting a patient record.

DMO serves as an efficient tool to help lower costs and increase overall office productivity throughout your medical practice. Since DMO was launched in 2016, the cloud-based solution has increased the satisfaction level and efficiency of thousands of independent practices.

Did you know that you can take advantage of Dragon Medical One's speed and 99% accuracy when you use it for office tasks outside the EHR?

Did you know that you can take advantage of Dragon Medical One's speed and 99% accuracy when you use it for office tasks outside the EHR?

By reducing the amount of time spent on tasks ordinarily executed by typing, voice recognition leverages and enhances the power of your own voice to complete tasks faster and in a variety of ways.

We are continuing our webinar series this month, specifically focusing on ways to increase your productivity using DMO outside of the EHR. This webinar will feature a brief demonstration so you can see the efficiency & flexibility of Dragon Medical One and how it helps you do what you do...even faster.

Dragon Medical One is:

Flexible and accessible from just about anywhere so you can document right at point of care, at your desktop or workstation, or on a wide variety of devices

Using the right tools can boost efficiency, so make sure you are using the most advanced microphones built for medical speech recognition

Mobile-friendly capability provides physicians a consistent and personalized clinical documentation experience across solutions, platforms, and devices regardless of their physical location

Secure and HIPAA compliant for creating and sending sensitive documentation to hospitals, staff, and other providers

Save up to 2 hours a day by using your voice to create documentation vs typing

Saving time every day and learning ways to be more efficient and productive (with the time you have in your work week), means you could be spending more quality time with your patients; and that is the real value.

Spend a few minutes with our Solution Specialists during this month's Webinar

Wednesday, September 22 at 3:00 pm EDT

and let them show you ways to be efficient when working outside of your EHR.

Unable to attend the webinar at this time?

All registrants will receive a recording of the webinar to view at your convenience or share with colleagues. Don't miss out...register today!


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