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Five TOP Benefits of Using Nuance® Dragon® Medical One In Your Veterinarian Practice

As we come out of the global pandemic, veterinarian professionals are busier today than they were pre-Covid. Whether veterinarians are seeing canine, feline, equine or exotic pets, NAVC members are treating an unprecedented number of patients. With the widespread growth of people adopting domestic pets, coupled with the backlog of onsite visits for production animals, veterinarians need time-saving tools to tackle the documentation requirements. That is where our expertise in medical speech recognition can assist your practice. We provide the latest in cloud-based documentation solutions that are easy to set up, easy to use, and easy on your already limited budget.

Dragon Medical One Saves Veterinarian professionals up to 2 hours per day in documentation.

We highly recommend Dragon Medical One (DMO), a cloud-based, artificial intelligence (AI) powered documentation solution that has been proven to save medical professionals up to 2 hours a day in documentation - a huge time savings for busy veterinarians. DMO pairs seamlessly with today’s most innovative practice management software platforms like IDEXX, AmeriVET, eVetPractice, AVImark, and other solutions.

Check out the Top 5 BENEFITS of using Dragon Medical One in YOUR Practice:

  1. Document On-the-Go - when using the cloud-based solution paired with the PowerMic Mobile app for use in the field, at the hospital, or in the office

  2. Spend 45% less time in documentation - a big time savings as you are seeing more patients than ever before

  3. 20% more relevant clinical content captured - making for a more complete note in the patient chart

  4. Works seamlessly with most veterinary practice management software - to make documenting right into your electronic records easy for your busy staff

  5. Budget-friendly monthly subscription with automatic updates - making smart use of your limited budget and IT resources

Let our team of certified solution specialists help you focus in on the best benefits for your Veterinary practice using cloud-based Dragon Medical One!

As we continue with the VMX Virtual Conference through June, please visit our virtual booth to see our product demonstrations or contact us to learn more about how we can help you save time, while not compromising on quality documentation!

Be sure to ask about our FREE Trial of the 2021 Awarding Winning Best in KLAS solution when you speak to one of our solution specialists. | 866-977-3324 | 877-272-8280


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