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Front-end Speech Recognition Helps Physicians Stay Engaged with Patients During Office Visits

Used for decades by clinicians and physicians as a way to complete patient and administrative documentation, front-end speech recognition converts human language into data that can be translated by computer systems. Back-end speech recognition has been a separate process involving not only the physician but ancillary staff. When Nuance® Communications launched Dragon® Medical One in 2016, the cloud-based and most accurate solution on the market, the need for back-end processing became unnecessary.

When using Dragon Medical One to document patient notes, you are leveraging decades of research into conversational AI (artificial intelligence), deep-learning techniques, and neural-network technologies, to achieve a 99% accuracy rate without any voice profile training. This means that the user can speak into their chosen microphone naturally without the need to speak as slowly and distinctly as with other software.

Physicians can dictate directly into their EHR, using custom voice commands created within Dragon Medical One’s user profile. They can then immediately sign and produce a complete patient record without the hassle of having an editor review and send it back for approval before processing. This entire process can happen right at the point of care, inside the exam room with the patient present, allowing you a more engaged, focused, and comprehensive visit.

By using Dragon Medical One, physicians can spend more quality time with their patients providing the highest quality of care, which is their number one priority. Alongside the human benefit, the intuitive solution also provides overall practice productivity benefits that expand outside the exam room.

Saving you up to 2 hours a day - so no more after hours documentation sessions

AI-powered for improved care - by leveraging the technologies needed for crucial clinical decisions and a faster treatment

Mitigating physician burnout - by reducing your time completing the expansive documentation requirements; the number one reason physicians say causes them the most stress (learn more about mitigating burnout here)

More quality patient documentation - for ease of billing, and faster insurance and provider reimbursement, and give you more time to see more patients

Budget-friendly and affordable subscription‑based pricing - with little upfront capital investment to help you plan budgets with predictable expenses

If you want to increase the amount of quality time focused on treating your patients, then reach out to one of our Solution Specialists today. Be sure to ask about our FREE Trial of Dragon Medical One! | 866-977-3324 | 877-272-8280

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