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Learn How to Simplify Your Orthopaedic Workflow Using AI-Powered Speech Recognition

We all face challenges and problems from a variety of sources every workday. Anything from the basic whirlwind of daily activity, technology issues, or the current health crisis can cause our clinical workflow to be interrupted at some point. Out of necessity, we search for methods to simplify our work life and assist us in organizing daily tasks.

Our team at 1st-dragon/CME has worked with hundreds of independent orthopaedic medical practices to implement the right solutions into their clinical workflow. We are very active in the orthopaedic space, and have been a valued partner of many AAOE members. We know that the clinical process is performed by your trained staff, and executed on a variety of equipment, computers, or devices. We come alongside your practice’s staff to help simplify or transform those processes into the detailed, rich information necessary to continue or diagnose a treatment plan for your orthopaedic patients. Our recommended solution, Nuance® Dragon® Medical One removes several steps, and assists orthopaedic physicians using the AI-powered features that your busy orthopaedic practice needs today.

Most orthopaedic practices have a consistent patient flow and need to utilize the benefits of an EHR to capture rich narrative when conducting in-office, or virtual patient visits. According to an in-depth Becker’s survey* orthopaedic practitioners spend more than 50% of their day working in their EHR or on documentation, and less time in clinical facetime with patients. Using your voice for front-end documentation and back-end dictation with one of our recommended microphone or app solutions, is a very effective way to simplify your clinical workflow and save up to 2 hours a day in your documentation process. Benefits include:

It uses your voice and converts your speech into text, and adds it directly into the patient record in your chosen EHR

Eliminates cut and paste notes from one platform to your EHR

Automates workflows using voice commands to add templates, SOAP notes, or commonly used blocks of text right into your patient note

Eliminates the need for back-end transcription when using a microphone or smartphone for dictation, with a high level of accuracy of up to 99%

Automatic software updates ensure you have the most up-to-date version

Our solutions team regularly conducts training webinars that help our clients understand the key benefits and features, and potential customization of the AI-Powered speech recognition solution, Dragon Medical One. Check out our most recent webinar Simplify Orthopaedic Workflow Using AI Speech Recognition for more details.

Reach out to our team to secure your FREE 7-day trial and give Dragon Medical ONE a test run in real-time within your orthopaedic practice. | 866-977-3324 | 877-272-8280

*Becker’s Spine (retrieved Nov 1, 2020)


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