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NAVC Members Yield a Higher Level of Veterinary Practice Performance When Using Dragon® Medical One

Updated: Jun 14, 2021

As you continue to enjoy the benefits of the VMX Virtual Expo, we are busy working with our NAVC clients migrating them to our recommended cloud-based speech recognition solution, Nuance® Dragon® Medical One. Speech recognition developers have been innovating their medical focused solutions over the last decade and moving their products into the cloud to help users keep up with the demanding needs of their patient documentation. Similar to the human healthcare environment, big and small animal veterinary practices are seeing a surge in the amount of patients they see on a regular basis.

Dragon Medical One saves Veterinarians up to 2 hours a day in documentation

While the cost of providing quality care continues to grow, more people who have pets are purchasing pet insurance policies, with many of those insurance companies needing similar documentation requirements for timely reimbursements. That is why we are recommending our busy veterinary clients implement the #1 cloud-based speech recognition product on the market into their practice management workflow. It can help you get and stay productive, (and profitable), by spending LESS time documenting, and more time treating your patients.

Check out a few of the features and benefits of Dragon Medical One:

Custom Templates and Macros - can be created to make your common tasks, specific words, treatment plans, and vet-focused acronyms easier to access within your chosen veterinary practice management software

Single User Profile - allows you to set up your profile once and access it across a wide-range of Windows-based devices and apps

Adapts To Your Voice - the solution “learns and adapts” to the way you speak and improves on accuracy each time used

Budget-friendly Monthly Subscription - makes the most of your practice budget and keeps your expenses predictable, and manageable

Exceptionally Mobile - as it was built in the cloud, you can access your profile on your Smartphone (via the PowerMicMobile app) to document in the office or in-the-field

Reach out to our team of Nuance® Certified Solution Specialists via the contact info below. They can help you implement this solution into the right place in your practice workflow and save you up to 2 hours a day in documentation. Be sure to ask about our FREE TRIAL of the 2021 Awarding Winning Best in KLAS solution! | 866-977-3324 | 877-272-8280

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