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Nuance® Dragon® Medical One & Azzly Rize® Offer Better Productivity for Behavioral Health Practices

Updated: Aug 3, 2021

When you pair the best speech recognition solution with today’s most integrated EHR solution the outcome is better overall practice productivity. Addressing the growing needs of today’s behavioral health patients means finding solutions that assist physicians and clinicians in making the most of the time allotted for patient documentation. With the increase in patient loads, comes an increase in documentation requirements, both at the provider and insurance point. Our goal as Solution Specialists is to find the tools with the highest level of technology that help you attain your mental health practice goals and meet your needs. We have found both in the dynamic pairing of Azzly Rize and Dragon Medical One.

Many providers had been using the legacy version of Dragon Medical to document both inside and outside their EHR, but this boxed software was sunsetted earlier this year. Thousands of physician practices have successfully migrated over to the cloud-based version Dragon Medical One and are seeing an uptick in their productivity at the user level. Some of the efficiencies and capabilities of using the paired Dragon Medical One and Azzy Rize solutions are listed below:

e-Prescribing - easy and time saving for both your practice and patient

Electronic Labs - receive and record lab results in real-time

Uses Artificial Intelligence and Machine-learning Technology - for a more efficient document, and rich patient note

Document Management - go to a paper-lite office environment

Simplified Workflow - for increased practice productivity

Huge Time Savings - when you speak vs typing your patient encounters into Azzy Rize’s Mental Health Templates

With all the efficiencies of using the paired solution, you can save up to 2+ hours a day in patient documentation, just think what you can do with those extra hours every day.

AZZLY Rize and Dragon Medical One Optimize Your Behavioral Health Practice

We regularly host webinars that give you the best information available, so you can make the decision that is right for your practice. If you are interested in learning more about the migration to AI-powered cloud-based DMO, register for our July 28th webinar*. Here you will see first-hand the efficiency, accuracy, and expanded capabilities of using cloud-based speech recognition during a live demonstration of Dragon Medical One working seamlessly with AZZLY Rize.

Click here to watch previously recorded webinar.

*All webinar registrants are automatically entered into a raffle to win their choice of either a $200 Amazon Gift Card or PowerMic III Microphone. | 866-977-3324 | 877-272-8280

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