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Position Your Orthopaedic Practice For Increased Time Benefits - Secure Real Time Mobile Messaging

Saving time is on the mind of every medical practice manager, and with the ever-increasing amount of patients seen in any given week, time is something quite scarce. If we could show you a way to decrease the amount of time your staff spends on practice communication, thereby increasing the time available to your office, how would that help your practice? We have a solution that can save your practice time, by enabling you to communicate as needed within and outside your practice, all while staying HIPAA compliant. Check it out and see how it can benefit your Orthopaedic practice.

IM Your Doc, is a secure, HIPAA compliant voice and video platform that provides medical practices a way to engage with their patients, staff, physicians and other care providers, using text, voice and a telemed option. Your staff can stay engaged with patients, and communicate in an easy to use platform that is also secure and password protected.

The Secure Texting feature is the communication method that 80% of patients* say they prefer, and a key feature of the solution, as it allows your Orthopaedic practice to communicate for a variety of reasons such as:

● Answering Billing Questions

● Confirming Appointments

● Refilling Prescriptions

● Checking On Test Results

Providing your patients with this type of communication can also protect your revenue by ensuring your patients are satisfied, as satisfied patients usually stay with a medical provider who communicates regularly with them.

Reach out to our team of Solution Specialist today to get a more in-depth demonstration of this HIPAA compliant and secure messaging platform.

Going to be at AAOS 2020 in Orlando this March?

Meet up with us at Booth # 2001 and see a LIVE demonstration of IM Your Doc while you are there. Schedule your demo in advance by contacting our team today! 877.272.8280 or 866.977.3324


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