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Start Off the New Year with Updated Cloud-based Speech Recognition Technology

The beginning of a new year offers possibilities and new opportunities, so why not start off with the latest technology to keep pace with your busy medical practice documentation needs? 2020 proved to be one of the most difficult years for most businesses, with the healthcare industry shouldering a large part of the burden. Whether your practice sees patients inside the hospital, in-office visits, or even pivoting heavier into the virtual healthcare environment, your technology needs to keep up with the needs of your medical practice. Implementing smarter tools into your clinical workflow now will help you navigate obstacles that may arise in the new year.

Discover the Benefits of Cloud-based Dragon Medical One Speech Recognition

Our physician clients have been using medical speech recognition software for many years, most using the boxed version Nuance® Dragon® Medical Practice Edition. As we communicated with our clients last year, Nuance made the decision to focus on cloud-based solutions, by phasing out the Dragon Medical Practice Edition software and ensuing support. While the locally implemented software was extremely efficient and provided users with a great documentation experience, it is limited to usage via the laptop or workstation computer where it is installed.

For most practices in the past, this solution helped bridge the gap of documentation shortfalls, when using specialty focused EHRs. But as with all technology, it needs to fit the needs of today’s physician, while looking to enable users in facing tomorrow’s challenges. That is where cloud-based, artificial intelligence (AI) powered solutions come into sharp focus.

With the development and implementation of the cloud-based solution, Dragon Medical One, released in early 2016, clinicians have seen a significant increase in productivity in their medical practices. The AI-powered cloud-based product means you are no longer tethered to your computer or workstation, so you can work from any location using a variety of Windows-based devices and apps. The cloud-based solution improves practice productivity with features such as:

  • Automatic updates are regularly added so upgrading to the next product is no longer necessary, making it easy on your IT department.

  • Safe, Secure, and HIPAA-compliant by using Microsoft Azure, a HITRUST CSF certified hosting infrastructure.

  • Accessible and mobile with the PowerMic Mobile app and your smartphone allowing you to easily transition from your laptop, or desktop to your phone, or other mobile device using a single-user profile and the cloud-based technology platform.

  • Affordable subscription‑based pricing with little upfront capital investment, makes it easier for healthcare organizations to plan budgets with predictable expenses.

  • Built to work with most EHRs makes it a productive tool for you and your office staff.

We advise you to reach out to our team of Solution Specialists and see where to best implement Dragon Medical One into your current clinical workflow to increase overall office productivity. Make sure you ask about our FREE Trial offer of Dragon Medical One.

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