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Stay Productive with Our HIPAA Compliant Telespeech Solution for Virtual Patient Visits

Can your medical practice continue to stay productive, ensure a higher level of efficiency, provide high-quality healthcare, and benefit from a more consistent revenue stream from increased insurance reimbursements? The answer is yes you can, and we can help you achieve your practice goals by assisting you to implement our recommended Telespeech Solution that combines industry leading cloud-based speech recognition Dragon Medical One with our Telehealth Platform into your clinical workflow.

One of the key goals of any medical office is ensuring their (ever increasing) number of patients are given the absolute best care, while still maintaining a profitable practice. While we continue to navigate through the uncharted territory of the world-wide health crisis, practices need to explore every opportunity to be efficient. Efficiency leads to a more streamlined practice which can lead to a higher overall practice profit. When we put together a recommendation for our medical practice clients, an office’s current workflow efficiency is always reviewed. We are finding that in the current environment, implementing a speech recognition and telehealth solution is filling that much needed efficiency gap by saving physicians and clinicians up to 2 hours a day in completing patient documentation - both in-office and during virtual office visits.

Our unique Telespeech solution combines the accuracy, and time-saving, best-in-class cloud-based speech recognition Nuance® Dragon® Medical One, with an advanced telehealth messaging and video platform, used inside your own practice’s EHR. Dragon Medical One uses a single voice profile that is accessible across a variety of Windows-based devices, including desktops, and laptops. Additionally, there is a contact-light environment with the use of the recommended PowerMic Mobile App, which allows you to move from room to room, or workstation to workstation, using your own personal smartphone as a convenient, wireless mic. This provides greater flexibility while extending clinical documentation capture.

The combination of the speech recognition and telehealth solutions, makes for a unique and efficient documentation solution for Virtual Patient Visits that will:

● Capture more relevant data

● Be up to 99% accurate from the very first use

● Provide secure and HIPAA compliant communication in real-time

● Allow your staff and physician providers to work from home as needed

Our Specialist Team recently conducted a LIVE webinar using both solutions in real time. You can view that webinar here and feel free to contact our team with any questions you may have. | 866-977-3324 or 877-272-8280


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