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Veterinary Practices Increase Their Patient Output with Focused Speech Recognition

The day-to-day lives of veterinary professionals has become busier, leaving very little downtime for documenting patient notes in the traditional way...Typing. Veterinarians are pretty much in agreement that typing notes and treatment plans uses up a majority of their office time - and as a result, they have less time for seeing and treating their patients.

As a professional, documenting each visit with a full note that includes a complete patient history will lead to better patient care - which we know is your top priority. But we also know there are many other areas competing for your attention including increasing office productivity and extending patient outputs to ensure a consistent and profitable revenue stream.

No practice should have to choose between providing better patient care and seeing more patients to keep the doors open. That’s where our experience and expertise as productivity professionals can benefit your busy veterinary office. We can identify the right place in your current office workflows where we can help you implement medical speech recognition like Nuance® Dragon® Medical One (DMO). The right solution understands your unique patient needs, and understands the specific language and terms to document, diagnose, and treat those patients.

Dragon Medical One isn’t just for human patients. The intuitive cloud-based solution is specifically built to save all busy veterinarian practitioners time by using the power of their own voice to document patient encounters, create custom notes, and develop treatment plans – all within your chosen practice software. You can dictate thousands of veterinary medical terms, and dictate medical decision-making and treatment plans right into your Veterinary Practice Management software of choice using any of our recommended microphones:

● Hand-held ergonomic microphone PowerMic 4

● Smartphone with our mobile app PowerMic Mobile

● Bluetooth Wireless Mic

Whether your practice specializes in small or large animals, DMO can help you with your documentation needs AND provide a wide-variety of benefits such as:

  • Using the Power of the Cloud to store significant amounts of data and work where your patients are

  • Single-Voice Profile for a seamless, consistent experience so you can work from virtually anywhere across all your devices (think Smartphones, laptops, Surface Pro® etc)

  • Automatic Updates ensure you have the latest and most comprehensive version of the solution

  • Budget-friendly monthly subscription to help you stay on track and predict your expenses

  • PowerMic Mobile app to turn your own smartphone into a wireless mic for documenting on the go or in the field

  • Virtually Worry-Free IT so you don’t need expensive IT resources

Let our veterinarian solutions team help you learn more about increasing your practice’s patient output while maintaining a productive and efficient practice. When you call/email, be sure to ask about our FREE 7-day DMO trial! | 866-977-3324 | 877-272-8280

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