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Orthopedic Professionals Gain Needed Support from Advancements in AI and Speech Recognition

The healthcare industry reports an increase in the volume of necessary patient documentation - paperwork needed for every patient encounter, whether virtual or in-office. A 30-minute patient visit can translate to at least an extra hour of post-encounter documentation, with most of this taking place inside your chosen EHR. This additional amount of necessary documentation is root cause for the increasing number of physicians suffering from burnout.

Orthopedic executives (OES) dealing with the business operations of the specialty practice need to mitigate these types of issues to ensure the physicians are at their peak performance for better patient outcomes. At the same time, OES need to ensure that the practice is maintaining a steady stream of revenue. Using a speech recognition solution made specifically for medical specialties makes sense and helps physicians by utilizing advancements in today’s technology.

Our #1 Best in KLAS award-winning cloud-based solution is Nuance® Dragon® Medical One, and is designed for the healthcare professional. While there are several ways to dictate patient encounters, the use of the recommended microphone, PowerMic 4 or the PowerMic Mobile app will help you benefit from a more efficient and even smarter mode of note-taking. The use of your own natural voice makes the most use of time, as we speak 3x faster than we type.

These advanced technologies enhance the patient experience and increase physician efficiency for an optimal overall patient experience. Efficiencies include:

  • Less time typing means more time with patients - up to 2 hours a day saved

  • Easy setup and accessibility - on a wide-range of devices like your desktop, laptop, or smartphone (via the PowerMic app)

  • Specific orthopedic terms - are recognized in the software, but additional terms and commands are easily customized in your profile

  • Document on your time - wherever your day takes you, with the flexibility of a cloud-based solution and an easy to set up single voice profile

  • Clinicians produce documentation up to 45% faster - and capture up to 20% more relevant content for a richer and more complete patient note in your EHR

We support AAOE in our specialty business, and we understand the unique challenges you face every day. Our team is dedicated to supporting you and your physicians with the most innovative products and solutions that incorporate the advancements in artificial intelligence (AI).

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